Prove myself as a genuine NFT artist by producing a series of unique collections.

Create a community for all who love pop character-focused art.

Use the funds from the initial sales to hire the best venues to host connected community parties.

Disentangle myself from the mundane corporate world to which I am currently strapped.

Engage and support with practical web3 implementation projects so that more people can experience the freedom participating in NFT communities and less dependence on traditional forms of finance and money brings.

Help build spaces for creators to live and collaborate. 

The Kooky Club release 

The Kooky Club began with hand drawn NFTs of interesting people. Interesting for what they’ve done in music, business, fashion, sports, politics and culture. 

Ava Avidfall collection 

A collection of 200 unique works of the pop art superstar Ava Avidfall.


An aberration is “a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one.” The Kooky Club characters, available in this collection, appear as aberrations of themselves.  


In the clarity collection the Kooky Club characters are portrayed with stylised movement. 

Rough cuts  

Sometimes the mood calls for a rough outline and not a detailed design. In the rough cuts collection many of the Kooky Club characters appear in ‘tick’ form. The limbs, the lines and the smiles are crooked, the outcome is rugged.

The legal stuff – we can’t wait to make this roadmap a reality, however, no warranties, representations or undertakings are made as to delivery timelines whatsoever.